Artworld Videogames


1-3rd July, 2018

Stephanie Boluk and Patrick LeMieux launch their book at the bar.
Metagaming is about the games people play in, on, around, and through videogames and includes original software alongside each chapter

Memento Mortem Mortis
Its is Pitch Black
99 Exercises in Play
Tide Hunter

Sokpop Exhibition

8th - 20th Februrary

A selection of wonderful games celebrating sokpop, a dutch games collective.

Support them here: PATREON/SOKPOP.
Click [HERE] but here's the games we displayed:
Bamboo Ball.
Bamboo Heart.
Original Hill Farming.
Air Mail.


26th January - 7th February

Curated by the brothers Cox of Seemingly Pointless, although no one knows why.

Moppy 2 by thecatamites
Tuned Out by Denver Coulson, Missy Senteio, and Ben Sironko
Nour by Tj Hughes
Skin Skishers by Seemingly Pointless

delete 2

25th January 2018

Oh wow what a day, five games created and destroyed all in 13 hours, if you don't count Shang Lun's hangover.

For a full rundown see David Rayfield's amazing article [HERE].


11th - 25th January

A selection of pieces from artist Devon Pearce paired with games from the procedural algorithms of Strangethink.

Bonfire Park

23rd November - 7th December

Curated and assembled by Alex Bennets, this exhibition paired local videogames with responses from local artists/authors/poets. The responses were collected into a zine which you can find [HERE]

Responses / Games:
Ive Sorocuk / One Button Nipple Golf by Jono Rubock
Tegan Elizabeth Webb / League of Lonely Geologists by Takorii
Jini Maxwell / Alien Caseno by Grace Bruxner
Yuki Iwama / The Best Thing by PlayReactive
Gemma Mahadeo / A Short Trip by Alexander Perrin
Sam Crisp / Gradient Addict by Jake Clover
Marta Skrabacz / Midnight Park by Olivia Haines
Elyce Phillips / Catnips
Alex Linedrag /


5th October - 2nd November

Curated by Steve Cook aka Moshboy, this exhibition celebrated the small, weird, different, trash that we love.

Shapeshift Serena by Jennifer Raye
Live Forever by Hubol
Love Worm by Benjamin Davis
Kung Fu Kaverns by Joe Lesko
Evolution Racer by Justin Smith
V8000 A.D. by Video Dante
Void Hero Blues by Alex Higggins
Manpong by Jasper Byrne


21st September - 4th October

Curated by Olive Chin, an exhibition about existing today. Its concerns lie in the complexities of issues within our contemporary society. It also explores not taking this too seriously, through the means of playful digital media.

Featuring works by:
Tully Arnot
Olivia Chin
Kalanjay Dhir
Natalya Lobanova
Yoshimi Murakami
Aemon Webb

Vote Yesk

14th - 20th September

A selection of games from queer creators, curated by Alayna M Cole, founding director of the amazing resource Queerly Represent Me.

Triad by Anna Anthropy
The Longest Couch by Sean Wejebe
Memoriae by Brian Beacom
The Trans Zone by Glamwow
Time. by Katie Worton


31st August - 13th September

For our first birthday we ran a jam on the wonderful over a week and a bit, where people could submit games with a certain control scheme to be displayed at the bar. And wow we got so many great things, thanks again, just wow.

Can't be arsed listing them tho, so just head here: BEER SK

Art Attack

17th - 30th August

creative not competitive. A collection of games about creating your own art.

The main work was Draw by Thomas Bowker, networked between two computers.
Also featured:
Action Painting Pro by Ian MacLarty
Paint Kart by Brendan Keogh


3rd - 16th August

The launch of PlayReactive, a play-making studio based in Melbourne.

They create interesting experiences, a variety of which went into this amazing showcase.

The works shown:
The Best Thing
Object Lesson
Crown Fools
The Station
Bush Bush

Estranged, by Izzy Gramp

20th July - 2nd August

A series of photographs dealing with the end of relationships, and accompanying videogames.

Photos and Curation by Izzy Gramp, see her works here: IZZY IS GREAT

Featuring interactive works:
Firewatch by Campo Santo
Cooking, for lovers by Increpare
Night Tune by Pol Clarissou
Endless Express by Florian Veltman, Alexandre Taillefert, Martin Gugger, Felix Meunier & Baptiste Virot
NE_01 by Ethan Redd


8th - 28th June

A co-curation with the lovely BLUSHBOX C L T V.

A showcase of the wonderful and exciting ways that videogames can represent sex and sexuality. A display of intimacy and sexual joy that is important to acknowledge in such a contemporary media and art form.

Week 1:
Driverotic by Alcopopstar
Genital Jousting by Freelives
Fuck Everything by Lena NW
Pretzel (Adult Edition) by Tim Snowdon
Week 2:
How Do You Do It by Nina Freeman
Wicked Whims by Turbodriver
Stickshift by Robert Yang
It Will Be Hard by Hien Pham and John Kane
Week 3:
Hurt Me Plenty by Robert Yang
Tear Jerker by Team Lazerbeam
Porncraft by Jacob Buczynski
Fuck Space Invaders by Louie Roots

Gday from WA

11th - 24th May

An array of amazing experiences from the western of australia, wherever that is.

Featuring works by:
Oscar Brittian
Jacob Janerka
Lewis Tolonen
Colton Onderwater
Bob Hayden

Redefining Realities

20th April - 3rd May

An exhibition of collage work from Latin American artists Orozco and Andres Murcia, with accompanying interactive work.

Multibowl by Bennet Foddy and AP Thompson
Panoramical by Fernando Ramallo and David Kanaga

NPT 17

7th - 20th April

A satalite event of the 2017 Now Play This festival, held annually in Somerset House, London.

We actually got to show stuff before NPT opened because of timezones and because we're great.

Sandcastles - Vectorpark
Digital Bird Playground - Tom van den Boogaart
10000 YEARS - Heather Robertson
Whole World - Nick Crockett
Karambola - Agata Nawrot


11th - 22nd March

A tiny selection from the vast and amazing reaches of RESISTJAM

Seriously go look at all the amazing games.

Cat in the Hijab
Bash the Fash
Swamp Alchemy
Knock it Off
Be the Change
Time of Day
Bad Media

Cardboard and Duct Tape

3rd Feb - 16th Feb

An exhibition by/of Emi Spicer (NY) featuring photographs of Babycastles between 2010 and 2013.

Also, games:
Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars
QWOP w/ stuffed koala
Hokra (2011 version)
Dark Room Sex Game

Ian MacLarty

19th Jan - 2nd Feb

A selection of works from the utterly amazing Ian Maclarty.

Catacombs of Solaris (Including Tournament mode)
Action Painter (Original Glitchmark version)
Gonubie Hotel
Full English Breakfast
Black Hole Interior Explorer

Jack King-Spooner

18th Nov - 1st Dec

Our first solo-artist show, exhibiting a selection of works from Edinburgh-based artist Jack King-Spooner.

Sluggish Morss: Days of the Purple Sun
Sluggish Morss: Ad Infinitum
Will You Ever Return
Will You Ever Return 2: In Da Hood
and an early version of Dujanah.


12 Nov

A celebration of transience in the medium of videogames.

We made games during the day, played them at night, destroyed them at midnight.
Check out this wonderful writeup HERE.
Also this video documentation HERE.

Mild SK

28th Oct - 11th Nov

A chilled escape from Melbourne Games Week. Quiet games, comfy furniture, drinks and sunshine.

we bought too many beanbags for this crap.
Proteus - Ed Key and David Kanaga
A Wild Pack of Family Dogs - Alexander Perrin
Subway Adventure - Stephen Lavelle

Also included a last minute popup space at PAX AUS
Fish Market - Grace Bruxner
Daily Motions - Jenny Jiao Hsia
Entomo - Todd Luke
The Catacombs of Solaris - Ian Maclarty
Centrelink Simulator - Oscar Brittain

Games from Now Play This

29th Sept - 27th Oct

A selection of games from the lovely Now Play This exhibitions in London.

NPT 15, from the 29th Sept:
OASES - Armel Gibson ~( - Withering Systems ~(
Sagittarius - George Prosser ~(
Fish Fly - Froach Club ~(
Woodlouse - Pete Morrish ~(

NPT 16, from the 14th Oct:
INKS - State of Play ~(
Castles Made of Castles - Nico Disseldorp ~(
Vignettes - Pol Clarissou, Armel Gibson, Pat Ashe ~(
Get Lost! - S. Woodson ~(
Holding Conversation - Ivan Gonzalez ~(

Spring '16

9th - 29th September

A relaxing selection to herald the arrival of Spring.

ALEA by Paloma Dawkins ~~
Orchids to Dusk by Pol Clarissou ~~
Lovely Weather We're Having by Julian Glander ~~
Luxuria Superbia by Tale of Tales ~~
Concrete Jungle by Robert Shenton ~~
Marvelous Melodies of Mutazione by Die Gute Fabrik ~~
Succulents by Andrew Gleeson, Maike Vierkant, Niilo Takalainen, Jukio Kallio ~~


19th August - 1st September

A two week look back at some of the amazing things we've had the pleasure of exhibiting over the past three years.
Week 1: 19/08 - 25/08
Genital Jousting (Free Lives)
Snow Cones (Team Lazerbeam)
Catnips (SK)

Week 2: 26/08 - 01/09
Push Me Pull You (House House)
Donut County (Ben Esposito)
Brolly Folly (Alexander Perrin)
Reflection (Ian Maclarty)